Will You Ever Come Back?


Still counting
and the hope still remain
waiting for your next coming
I never told you, even talked to you
yet, I talked to our God, our Lord, Allah
whenever I remember you

It was been a couple years
since the “two decisive seconds”
I never forget it
since you slapped me by your deed
you beated me in servitude to our Lord, Allah

will you come back?
to my special day
will you come back?
to be my special guy

I may (ever) regret
for one special day I’ve missed without meeting you
because of my own fault
but I realize afterward
It was the way of Allah to awaken me
that I can not rely too much on anyone
But Allah, the only one I can rely on

I may have to talk much more to Allah
to bring you back
or let you go away

Anyway, I thank so much to you
who become one way for me to be better
to be closer to Allah
to become stronger in holding the sunnah
Biidznillaah, all because of Allah will



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